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The Mahuru Challenge

How it works

It can be anything that makes you speak more Māori. An hour a day, half the day, all day every day or, as a beginner just starting with greetings and farewells in Māori.

2. Get your mates involved

Get a team of friends, family or workmates involved. Or plan some virtual catch ups. You’ll have more fun, stay motivated and feel more comfortable in the reo zone.

3. Speak te reo Māori

Speak te reo Māori as much as you can during Mahuru. Every time you do, you’re revitalising te reo and breathing life back our native tongue. Be brave, be bold and be patient.

Mahuru this year according to maramataka Māori begins on 15 September 2023

Nga rā
ngā hāora
ngā miniti
ngā hēkene