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Challenge level 1 - The beginning (Taumata 1: Te Kore)

Mihimihi: Introductions
Your goal is to simply greet people with a Kia Ora, instead of Hello, everyday during Mahuru.
Your challenge extends to learn your mihi.

A mihi (or mihimihi) is an introduction which can take place at the beginning of a gathering or meeting. It is used to establish links with other people present and let people know who you are, and where you come from. 

This shares similarities with a traditional pepeha. A pepeha is the traditional Māori way to introduce oneself. It connects us to our tribal lineage and ancestors, tracing our connection to maunga, waka, awa, and more. Standing and sharing pepeha is how Māori introduce themselves and make links with others, mostly in formal situations.

The mihi provided here can be used by anyone in a number of situations, both formal and informal. At a work hui, before addressing the room; at kura (school); when meeting new people… anytime you want to say who you are and where you come from. Being able to introduce yourself in te reo Māori is a helpful tool that we can all use in our everyday lives.

Learn more about putting your mihi together here.