Khylee Quince

My annual anxiety as a monolingual dinosaur

I’m in that in-between generation – two generations removed from first-language speakers, with vague memories of my grandmother speaking the reo to her relations when we ventured north for school holidays.

Mahuru Māori 2020: Kupu: Ata mārie

Kupu: Ata mārie

Meet Tiāre and follow his day to day antics in a comedy series of silent movie sketches. A simple and amusing way to learn te reo Māori kupu for your daily routines.

Mahuru Māori 2020 Announcement

Mahuru Māori 2020

Mahuru Māori is Te Wānanga o Aotearoa’s annual challenge to kōrero (speak) Māori in Mahuru (September) and our koha (contribution) to te reo Māori.

Taumata 1: Te Kore

This introductory challenge is simply to greet and farewell people in Māori everyday of Mahuru. Convert your ‘Hello’ to a ‘Kia Ora’, it’s that easy.

Taumata 2: He Kākano

This challenge is simple – Greet & farewell people in te reo Māori and use what you know to speak/write up to 1 hour per day for the whole month. Every minute adds up, you’ll be surprised how easy it is.

Taumata 3: He Pihinga

This challenge will use and grow what you know. Speak/write in Māori for an hour or more per day (aim for 2 hours). Encourage your family, friends and colleagues to join the challenge. It’s easier with people!