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Nā Hina - Maramataka

Nā Hina te pō, Nā Hina te Ao

Hina is the personification of the moon and is responsible for the darkness at night and the light in the day. 

Hina is not just a calendar, but a symbol of our cultural heritage and connection to the maramataka, the Māori lunar calendar. Created with artwork from Te Wānanga o Aotearoa and mātauranga (knowledge) from maramataka experts, including Professor Rangi Matamua, it embodies the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors who used the moon and stars to guide their daily activities and rhythms of life.

Hina reflects our commitment to preserving and promoting our cultural practices and serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a strong connection to our traditional ways of knowing and being. 

Our 2024/2025 maramataka will be available soon.

Special thanks to Dr Rangi Matamua for his support and guidance. To find out more about his work visit
Many thanks also to our internal contributors for sharing their mātauranga.