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Are you up for the reo Māori Challenge?

Naumai hoki mai anō ki Mahuru Māori. 

In line with our maramataka Māori, this year Mahuru Māori starts on Friday 15 September 2023.

It doesn’t matter whether your reo skills stop at kia ora, or you can whaikōrero on the marae with the best of them, Mahuru Māori is something we can all do.

So jump on the waka e hoa mā, and let’s give Mahuru Māori our best shot.
Here’s our Poutiaki Reo/Tikanga Lyndsay Te Puaheiri Snowden with some more words of encouragement.

Mahuru Māori Reo Challenge
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How it works

It can be anything that makes you speak more Māori. An hour a day, half the day, all day every day, or as a beginner just start with greeting and farewells in Māori.

2. Get your mates involved

Get a team of friends, family or workmates involved and plan some virtual catch ups. You’ll have more fun, stay motivated and feel more comfortable in the reo zone.

3. Speak te reo Māori

Speak te reo Māori as much as you can during Mahuru. Every time you do, you’re revitalising te reo and breathing life back into our native tongue. Be brave, be bold and be patient.

We're taking the Mahuru Challenge. Will You?

Comes and goes this greeting to the enthusiasts, you the group who exhaust ones energy so that our esteemed language does not die, acknowledgements to you all. Welcome again to our intiative thus truly appeasing the Māori heart, at the same time the month of Mahuru continues to be Māori.

We’re all taking this year’s Mahuru Māori challenge. The aim is to learn and gain the confidence to speak te reo Māori in our everyday lives. Some of us are just beginning, others will immerse themselves all day long, everyday. Read more of our stories here.

Mahuru this year according to maramataka Māori begins on 15 September 2023

Nga rā
ngā hāora
ngā miniti
ngā hēkene

What matters most is that words are used and accepted 🗣️👏🏼 #tuturunz #reomāori #māori #aotearoa ...

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Sometimes you get a piece of advice that changes your learning journey forever. 🌀

#reomāori #pātaioterā

46 5

Speaking te reo in a way that respects everyone 🗣️🌀 #tuturunz #maori #reomāori #aotearoa ...

81 2

Tauira mā - your reo journey is more than just the kupu you want to speak or the sentences you want to be able to throw together. That is the surface level. The desire to revitalise a language from dying, to pass it on to your whānau and uri and to fight for the reo that our tūpuna fought for, that is a kaupapa worthy of remembering and fighting for. Not just the kupu themselves and to be able to say “I can speak another language”. This isn’t just another language. Ko te reo o ō tātou! ✨🌸🫶🏽❤️

#reomaori #reomāori #māori #maori #maoriculture #learntereomaori #maorikaupapa #kaupapamaori #tikangamāori

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Mahuru Māori is over for another year, but the learning journey is one that never ends. Thanks for being part of the Mahuru Māori movement and keep up the kōrero.

#kiamahuru #mahurumāori

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He manako te kōura i kore ai.
A crayfish won`t jump in your net, just because you wish it in there.

#kiamahuru #mahurumāori #whakatauki

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Kei ōu ringaringa te ao
The world is yours.

#kiamhuru #mahurumāori #whakatauki

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