Huia Hamon

Huia Hamon
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Huia Hamon is a multi-talented artist. She is an award-winning  producer, singer, songwriter and māmā from Aotearoa. This year she is taking part in Mahuru Māori in appreciation of te reo Māori and is keen to encourage others to kōrero and have fun with it.

Huia works in pretty much every aspect of the music industry, from the Music Producer Guild, to the Splore Festival through to the Waiata Māori Music Awards.

“I’m all about artists empowerment and Aotearoa music industry fairness. I feel so inspired by the way our music language scape is changing and becoming multi-lingual and I feel we are catching up with the rest of the world!”

In speaking on ‘The Verve’ about Mahuru Māori Huia says “remember that it’s ‘cool to kōrero’! Maybe you could join the online movement, a te reo Māori class or the many online resources. Also, it’s ok to not be sure about how to say some things in te reo Māori, ask some-one, look online as there are plenty of references. Learning te reo Māori will also open the way for you to learn other languages as well.

You can start with greeting only in te reo Māori for example, using kia ora instead of hello, signing off emails with ‘mā te wā’ (when its time to connect again).

Use simple expressions, instead of ‘what’ using ‘he aha’ instead.”

Read the full interview with Huia Hamon on the ‘The Verve’ website

Marama La Luna - latest music video by Huia Hamon

Check out Huia’s website for more about her mahi toi and music. You can also find her on Facebook  @huiamusic,  Instagram at @iamhuia , YouTube @HuiaHamon