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Reo Māori gifs


We’ve started making animated gifs for use in comments or replies within social media. Although platforms like “Giphy” have a massive library of animated gif options to include in social media replies, they don’t feature very many including te reo Māori words, phrases or kīwaha. 

 With this in mind our team aims to continue to develop a suite of fun animated gifs to use in your social media replies. 

To use them simply click on the .gif optioning your social media (i.e. Facebook) platform when replying to a comment and search for your chosen term. Or search for Māori or ReoMāori.

The collection can be found online at

2022 Mahuru Māori closing video

Mahuru Māori 2022

Mahuru Māori is over for another year, but the learning journey is one that never ends. Thanks for being part of the Mahuru Māori movement and keep up the kōrero.

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