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Reo Māori

Reo Māori

Teinakore Harawira

Passionate te reo Māori teacher educating local community

Growing up on the marae and listening to the elders kōrero (speak) in te reo Māori was a founding moment in Teinakore Harawira’s upbringing. These are the moments that ignited her passion for the language, Māori culture and the desire to teach it to those around her.

Tanya Tucker

Tūwhitia te hopo, mairangatia te angitū

It’s a familiar feeling for many on their te reo Māori journey and one Tanya Tucker knows well. “For ages I’d say as little as possible in class and felt really out of my depth,” she says.

Pere Wihongi - Mahuru (Full Performance)

Pere Wihongi – Mahuru

Full performance of ‘Mahuru’ by Pere Wihongi in the tune of ‘September’ by Earth, Wind & Fire. Let’s celebrate te reo Māori all year round, Kia Kaha te Reo Māori!

Taumata 1: Te Kore

This introductory challenge is simply to greet and farewell people in Māori everyday of Mahuru. Convert your ‘Hello’ to a ‘Kia Ora’, it’s that easy.

Taumata 2: He Kākano

This challenge is simple – Greet & farewell people in te reo Māori and use what you know to speak/write up to 1 hour per day for the whole month. Every minute adds up, you’ll be surprised how easy it is.

Taumata 3: He Pihinga

This challenge will use and grow what you know. Speak/write in Māori for an hour or more per day (aim for 2 hours). Encourage your family, friends and colleagues to join the challenge. It’s easier with people!