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Teach and Learn – Register for Online Workshop

Teach and Learn – Register for Online Workshop

Here’s an opportunity to gain insights and understandings as we all search for solutions and continue our professional development together. Learning is for life, Education is for everyone. 

Build your Te Reo Māori skills this month with TetraMap

In recognition and support of Muhuru Māori join TetraMap Facilitators Haani Huata and Kararaina McLean for this learning event.

  • How often have you thought you’d like to include more
    Te Reo Māori words and phrases in your everyday communication?
  • Like some help to improve pronunciation and build your confidence?
  • How about including more te reo in your TetraMap workshops or daily meetings?
  • Join them for a one hour interactive workshop!

Anything that can help you speak more Māori. An hour a day, half the day, all day every day, or as a beginner just start with greeting and farewells in Māori. Help to revitalise te reo Māori as much as you can during Mahuru – bring it in to your workshops and online meetings.
Be firm, clear, calm and bright – just give it a go!

This workshop is open to all, invite your whanau, colleagues and friends.

Date & Time:
New Zealand: Wednesday 22 September 7.30pm
Singapore: Wednesday 22 September 3.30pm
London: Wednesday 22 September 8.30am