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Random Rerenga Reo

Taringa’s first “Random Rerenga Reo” kōrero covers the functions of negating with “kāore aku”, applying possessives like “māu/mōu, nōku/ōku, nāku/āku” along with “a vs ā” and “ā and ō” category differentiation. Along the way they unpack the kupu and give examples of how they can and should be used in te reo Māori.

Listen to the episode and try the activity below:

Pick something you learned from this episode of Taringa and create something to share what you’ve learned with your whānau and friends. It could be a video, a drawing, a sculpture, or anything. Be creative, and be random!

If you’re feeling brave, share it on social media and tag Mahuru Māori! #mahurumāori #mōtereo