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Rerenga Reo: I and Ki

This episode is an in-depth discussion looking at the uses of “i” and “ki” in te reo Māori.

Listen to the episode and try the activities below!

For beginners

In this episode, the Taringa crew uses definitions from Te Aka Māori Dictionary as a reference during their wānanga.

  • Use this resource or find another resource that works for you to help define kupu hou (new words).
  • Download the app or bookmark the website and use it to look up other kupu in this episode that you didn’t recognise.

For intermediate speakers

The Taringa discussed how “i” and “ki” can indicate direction – if something is moving toward or away something else – and tense – past, present, or future.

  • Make a list of other kupu that indicate direction.
  • Make a list of other kupu that indicate tense.
  • Compare your list with whānau and friends and see if you can learn any kupu hou.

For advanced speakers

In this episode, Erica says, “You can change the whole story with an ‘i’ or a ‘ki’.”

  • Make a note to yourself this week when you use “i” or “ki” in a sentence.
  • Try replacing “i” with “ki” or “ki” with “i” like they do in the episode and note how the meaning of your sentence changes. Does it still make sense? How does it change what you are trying to communicate?