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July 2020

Taumata 1: Te Kore

This introductory challenge is simply to greet and farewell people in Māori everyday of Mahuru. Convert your ‘Hello’ to a ‘Kia Ora’, it’s that easy.

Taumata 2: He Kākano

This challenge is simple – Greet & farewell people in te reo Māori and use what you know to speak/write up to 1 hour per day for the whole month. Every minute adds up, you’ll be surprised how easy it is.

Taumata 3: He Pihinga

This challenge will use and grow what you know. Speak/write in Māori for an hour or more per day (aim for 2 hours). Encourage your family, friends and colleagues to join the challenge. It’s easier with people!

Taumata 4: He Mahuri

This intermediate challenge is to speak/write in te reo Māori for atleast half the day, everyday regardless of where you are or whom you are with.

Rerenga Reo: A and O Categories

Possessive pronouns in te reo Māori can be confusing. In this episode of Taringa, Paraone and Te Puaheiri kōrero about the language rules of “A” and “O” categories within te reo and take us on a journey through many examples of this ever-confusing kaupapa.

Rerenga Reo: Intensifiers

How can you make something more or less of what you are saying? In this episode, the Taringa crew discusses many intensifiers and comparatives that can help the expression of anything descriptive.