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Deaf Education NZ’s Mahuru Challenge


Ko Taku Reo: Deaf Education NZ is a unique school that spreads across Aotearoa, from Cape Reinga to Rakiura. Language and communication is central to all that they do and they are working hard to have a trilingual presence.

Strengthening cultural identity amongst their Turi Māori students and staff is an important focus for Ko Taku Reo.

The Ko Taku Reo Challenge

Getting as many people as they can to join Mahuru Māori is one tool, however Māori sign is absent from the wealth of resources available. So they’ve come up with their own. 

The Ko Taku Reo Mahuru Māori challenge is to learn to sign

This provides a pathway for learning not only how Māori place names teach us about a particular time in a particular place, but by using both te reo Māori and NZSL, this challenge demonstrates the importance of correct pronunciation and correct NZSL.

In this way, the story of this place name is honoured and all of our learners can connect with the narrative.

Best of all, we can have some fun doing so and bring both Deaf and hearing communities together thriough te reo Māori.

Visit the Ko Taku Reo website and find out more about their Mahuru Māori Challenge.

Ka waimarie pai koutou! Karawhuia!